"Keep Your Home" busy "even when not, using random lights and television programs."
"Access security cameras from any TV in your home and see who knocks at the door without leaving your couch."
"Locks with custom code can keep track of who enters and leaves your house"

Security systems is an essential part of our work to provide the peace of mind that our customers demand, from a camera system with infra-red and face recognition technology to a simple door intercom with video. At Ctrl B we understand that individuals need different levels of security depending on their needs and can design a system that can integrate to all other parts of the home technology, providing a range of beneficial features.

Monitor and record movement in and out of the house using smart locking solutions – know who has entered and left the house. The system is protected with a SSL Certificate for your peace of mind.

Provide access from a remote location for deliveries, maintenance etc. or simply letting the kids in when they forget their keys.